The Illustrated Guide to Dyslexia and Its Amazing People

Many books on dyslexia are a challenging read. I know people who have abandoned The Dyslexic Advantage because their difficulties made the content inaccessible (though it is available as an audiobook). The Illustrated Guide to Dyslexia and Its Amazing People is pleasingly different. It is a beautifully designed book aimed at parents to help explain dyslexia.

One of the challenges with dyslexia and related neurodiverse conditions is that the associated strengths and weaknesses manifest differently in different people. The common misconception is that dyslexia is all about mixing up letters.  The Illustrated Guide to Dyslexia and Its Amazing People covers a wide range of dyslexia symptoms. Rather than diving into the detail on each aspect, there is either a simple suggestion of things to try or a link to a helpful resource. This means the book can impart the reader with a high-level understanding of dyslexia in under an hour. The provided tips and links then offer a springboard to find out more. This makes the book really dyslexic friendly as it provides a “big picture” overview which can provide a framework for and further research. The stunning visuals also appeal to those of us who think in pictures.

The book is more than an illustrated guide – as the title suggests it also covers some amazing dyslexics. It was really refreshing that the book did not cover the typical set of famous dyslexics. There is a wide range of amazing dyslexics covered who have found success in many different disciplines. Part of me would have loved to know more about these people but that would have broken the magic of a book I have managed to finish in a single sitting (probably for the first time since infant school).

For me, the sign of a truly great book is one that instantly causes me to buy a copy for someone who I think will benefit from it. This book hit that high watermark.

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