One Step to Enhanced Productivity

Would you like a single, simple step to massively increase your productivity? A 3-minute work hack to get more done? Read on…graph sowing an increase in productivity

Before you finish work for the day, write down what you want to achieve tomorrow. That’s it. Spend just 3 minutes working out what the main thing you must get done tomorrow and write it down. This simple act will make you more intentional about your work. That will make you more productive.


Want to double down for even more productivity?

You can multiply this new found productivity with just 1 more action. However, this time it is not so easy. If you want to really push your productivity you will need to focus your efforts. When you get into work don’t open your email. Don’t check your in-tray. Look at the note you left yourself with the single achievement on it. Now work on that. Work on nothing else until it’s complete.

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